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Budget 2015 sets a balanced direction for Alberta’s future
March 26, 2015

Budget 2015 will invest in the programs and infrastructure Albertans need while holding the line on spending.

Guided by 10 Fiscal Principles and a matching 10-year vision, Budget 2015 includes five year fiscal and capital plans showing Albertans the long-term approach government is taking. Budget 2015 balances spending restraint with revenue enhancements and will use savings in the Contingency Account to address the province’s fiscal challenge.

Please see the news releases below, and visit the Budget 2015 website for more information.

Survey says: Albertans understand budget challenge
March 23, 2015

Results from government’s online budget survey are now available and show Albertans want a balanced approach to Budget 2015. Read the news release and the What We Heard report. The survey dataset is also available through the Open Data portal.

Budget 2015 to be released March 26
Posted March 5, 2015

Albertans will learn how government will address the $7 billion fiscal challenge on March 26 with the release of Budget 2015.  Read the news release and see Alberta pre-budget information.

Third quarter results show a decline in energy revenue
February 24, 2015

Alberta is expected to avoid a deficit in 2014-15 with significant financial challenges on the horizon.

In the third quarter update, the total non-renewable resource revenue forecast is down $503 million from budget, mainly due to plummeting oil prices. Bitumen royalties have taken the biggest hit, and are expected to drop $644 million from budget to year end, with other revenue streams showing slight increases. More information.

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Economic information update
May 22, 2015

The Economy & Statistics section of this website includes the weekly Economic Review and Alberta Economy - Indicators at a Glance, as well as monthly, quarterly and annual publications.

Superintendent of Insurance Bulletin 01-2015 [Pink Card]
May 21, 2015

The following Bulletin has been added to the Bulletins and Notices page: Approved form of Financial Responsibility Card [Pink Card].

EPPA Update 15-01 - Extension of Amendment Filing Deadline
May 21, 2015

British Columbia’s Pension Benefits Standards Act and Regulation have been proclaimed effective September 30, 2015  with amendments due by December 31, 2015.  In recognition of Alberta and British Columbia having a highly harmonized pension regulatory environment, the Superintendent of Pensions has extended the deadline for filing amendments with respect to the Employment Pension Plans Act and Regulation to December 31, 2015. Similarly, the deadline for having a funding policy (benefit formula provisions), a participation agreement (non-collectively bargained multi-employer plans) and a governance policy in place is also extended to December 31, 2015. See EPPA Update 15-01.

Labour Market Notes - May 2015
May 8, 2015

Labour Market Notes contains timely analysis of the latest labour market data for Alberta and is released the same day as Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey. Click here for Labour Market Notes (May 2015), including the “Labour Insight” section: The role of self-employment. These documents are available in the Economy & Statistics section.

Economic Trends - April 2015
April 30, 2015

The monthly Economic Trends publication contains timely analysis of current trends in Alberta’s economy. Click here for Economic Trends (April 2015), including the “In Focus” section: U.S. Consumers at the Helm. These documents are available in the Economy & Statistics section of this website.

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