Latest news releases

Government protects private sector pension plans
December 19, 2014

Cabinet has extended a moratorium on solvency for a group of private sector pension plans, protecting the benefits of 158,000 plan members. More information.

Alberta takes action to control spending
December 15, 2014

Cost containment measures taken immediately, and new committee lays foundation for Budget 2015. Read the news release.

Finance Minister’s meeting with chief economists
December 5, 2014

President of Treasury Board and Finance Minister Robin Campbell issued this statement regarding his meeting with chief economists on December 4. More information.

Alberta’s savings plan to be more transparent
December 3, 2014

New legislation to simplify Alberta’s savings plan demonstrates the Alberta government’s commitment to sound, conservative fiscal principles. More information.

Alberta focused on fiscal restraint
November 26, 2014

Despite positive second quarter results, declining oil prices require government to be diligent in fiscal planning. 

Oil prices continued to slide this week, with West Texas Intermediate (WTI) closing at $74.09 US per barrel yesterday. With ongoing uncertainty with global prices, the Prentice Government continues to be focused on making decisions based on sound, conservative fiscal principles. More information.

New leadership, new voices, and a new way of doing things
September 15, 2014

Alberta’s 16th Premier, The Honourable Jim Prentice, Q.C., P.C. and his Cabinet were sworn-in at Government House in Edmonton on September 15. Read the news release.

Surplus rises, borrowing decreases with first quarter results
August 27, 2014

Alberta’s first quarter results means reduced borrowing for infrastructure by almost $3 billion and an increased operational surplus. Alberta’s economy is also expected to grow more than originally forecast, with more jobs, more business activity and more people coming to Alberta. More information.

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Latest website updates

Economic information update
December 19, 2014

The Economy & Statistics section of this website includes the weekly Economic Review and Alberta Economy - Indicators at a Glance, as well as monthly, quarterly and annual publications. The next issue will be January 9, 2015.

Health Cost Recovery Report Form
December 19, 2014

The Health Cost Recovery Report - Automobile Accidents form has been added to the Health Cost Recovery page.

Pensions - 2015 YMPE (Year’s Maximum Pensionable Earnings)
December 17, 2014

A number of documents in the Pensions section of this website have been updated to reflect the 2015 YMPE (Year’s Maximum Pensionable Earnings) of $53,600:

Alberta Population Report for 3rd Quarter of 2014
December 17, 2014

The Alberta Population Report for the 3rd Quarter of 2014 has been released and is available on the Demographic Quarterlies page. The Alberta Components of Growth by Quarter Data Tables (from 1971-72 on) file has also been updated.

Superintendent of Pensions Policy on Annual Filing of Valuations changed
December 15, 2014

The Superintendent of Pensions has changed the requirements for filing annual valuations and they are found in EPPA Update 14-05 - Requirements for Filing Annual Valuations. The trigger for filing annually has changed from being either the funded ratio or the solvency ratio being less than 0.8500, to now only the funded ratio being less than 0.8500. Some exemptions are explained in the update.

Provincial Electoral Division maps and profiles now available
December 10, 2014

The latest Provincial Electoral Division profiles are now available online. These profiles provide detailed demographic and socio-economic information for Alberta's Provincial Electoral Divisions. Maps and profiles are available in pdf and spreadsheet format. Learn more.

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