Tax & Revenue Administration - Important Refund Application Due Dates

Alberta Indian Tax Exemption (AITE)

* Date refers to the date refund applications MUST BE RECEIVED BY TRA.  

If the required application date falls on a weekend or a government holiday, it is deferred to the next business day.

See also:  Notice of Objection dates.


Name of
Refund Application
Due Date *
Retailer Refund Application:
Applications must be filed within three years of the end of the year the exempt sale was made.

Point of Sale System – AITE Direct issues approved refunds from system information.
See Information Circular AITE-3, Exemptions under the AITE Program.

Retailers must submit purchase invoices to TRA monthly.

Returns cannot be filed for periods of less than seven days.

Please make all cheques payable to the Government of Alberta.

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Page last updated:  January 17, 2017