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Wildfires and Insurance

Insurance Information for Albertans who use Transportation Network Companies providing Ride-for-Hire Services

  • Know the risks before participating in ride for hire services.

Insurance Information for Albertans affected by Flood

  • This information includes tips on what to do before and after a flood, overland flooding, vehicle damage, claims, resources from the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the Disaster Recovery Program, and an update on the "Overland Flood Insurance Coverage" offered by Beaufort Insurance Services..

Consumer Complaints

  • See this section for information on Insurance Claim or Policy Complaints; Dispute Resolution Process; Insurance Conduct Complaints; and Insurance Industry Information.

Lists - Insurers, Reciprocal Insurance Exchanges, and Fraternal Societies

Automobile Insurance

  • This page has Automobile Insurance Policies and Application Forms; Endorsements; information on Automobile Insurance Complaints; and Automobile Accident Benefit Claim and Prescribed Forms.

Automobile Collision - What to do

  • This page has useful tips and information, and a Summary and Collision Worksheet form you can print and keep in your glove compartment.

Property Insurance

  • This page includes the 5 things homeowners should know about property insurance.

Survey of Albertans injured in Automobile Collisions

  • The Government of Alberta conducted a survey on the recovery, rehabilitation and claim process for those individuals involved in an automobile collision. The survey is now closed and the content is for information only.

Voluntary Sector Information

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Page last updated:  July 2, 2016