Alberta's Tax Advantage

Albertans pay the lowest overall taxes among provinces

Alberta has no provincial sales tax and no payroll tax, as well as the lowest fuel tax, lowest corporate tax and lowest top marginal personal tax rate among provinces. Albertans continue to enjoy a significant tax advantage and pay the lowest overall taxes compared to their peers in other provinces.

Albertans and Alberta businesses pay an estimated $10.9 billion less in taxes than they would if Alberta employed the tax system of any other province. When all Budget 2015 tax measures are fully implemented, Alberta will continue to maintain a tax advantage of at least $9.4 billion.

Alberta Tax Advantage, 2015
Source: Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, Budget 2015 - Alberta's Tax Plan.

This graph shows the total additional provincial taxes that individuals and businesses would pay
if Alberta had the same tax system as other provinces. This information reflects tax rates for other
provinces known as of March 10, 2015.

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Personal Income Tax in Alberta

Personal Income Tax is collected for the Alberta Government by the Government of Canada, at the same time federal income tax is collected. Please direct your questions about your personal income taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency, or visit CRA’s “Get Ready” site.  Click on the links below for:

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Other Tax Information for Albertans

Taxes & Rebates - Programs administered by Tax and Revenue Administration

The Government of Alberta develops policy for and collects business taxes. Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA), a division of Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, is responsible for tax and revenue collection and administration. For more detailed information and forms associated with the following topics, see the following links:

Taxes & Rebates - General Information

This following general information is also available from Tax and Revenue Administration:

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Page last updated:  March 25, 2015