Taxes and Rebates

Budget 2015 introduced October 27, 2015

Budget 2015 introduces measures to reduce Alberta’s reliance on non-renewable resource revenue, while protecting Alberta’s overall tax advantage. It also implements initiatives to provide more benefits to families and support job creation. More on Budget 2015.

Revenue Measures

To further support government’s plan to return to balance, the following revenue measures were introduced:

All combined, these revenue initiatives, including the previously announced personal and corporate income tax changes, are expected to generate an additional $1.5 billion in 2015-16 and about $2.3 billion per year for the next two fiscal years.

With no provincial sales tax, no payroll tax, no health-care premiums and the lowest provincial taxes on gasoline and diesel, Albertans still pay the lowest overall taxes compared to other provinces.

When all changes announced in the budget are fully implemented, Alberta will still maintain a tax advantage of at least $8.5 billion.

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Supporting Families

To further support Alberta families and children and give them better opportunities to succeed, we are:

  • Enhancing the Alberta Family Employment Tax Credit (AFETC) to further benefit working families with children. The enhancements will allow more families to receive the credit and increase the benefit many families receive.
  • Introducing the Alberta Child Benefit (ACB) to support all lower-income families, regardless of whether they earn employment income. Families who meet the income requirements and currently receive the AFETC will be automatically enrolled in the ACB. Read the news release.

Together, these two programs will provide an estimated $336 million in annual benefits to Alberta families—one of the most generous provincial credits for families.

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Supporting Job Creation

As part of Budget 2015, government introduced a program to support employers who create new jobs in Alberta. The Job Creation Incentive Program (JCIP) will provide up to $89 million per calendar year to employers, in support of up to 27,000 new jobs.

Further details on the JCIP will be announced soon. Read the news release.

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Links to Information on Tax Programs

Overview Information
and Information for Individuals and Families

Programs administered by
Tax and Revenue Administration

Overview Information:

Information for Individuals and Families:

See the Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA) website for information on the following programs.

* These programs have changes related to Budget 2015 (see the links below for details).

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Contact Information

Contact Information
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Contact Information for Programs administered by
Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA)

Questions about your personal income taxes:

Questions about ePay, Alberta corporate tax, insurance premiums tax, fuel tax, tobacco tax, tourism levy, Emergency 911 Levy, International Fuel Tax Agreement, Alberta Indian Tax Exemption program and Health Cost Recovery program:

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