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Budget 2015 changes

Budget 2015 introduces a number of tax and revenue changes to pay for programs and services. These measures will protect lower income Albertans, mitigate negative economic impacts, and maintain Alberta's competitive tax system. After accounting for all 2015-16 revenue changes, Albertans and Alberta businesses will still pay $10.9 billion less than if Alberta had the tax system of any other province. Please see the following for details:

Overview Information
and Information for Individuals and Families

Programs administered by
Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA)

Overview Information:

Information for Individuals and Families:

See the Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA) website for information on the following programs.

* These TRA programs have changes announced in Budget 2015 (see the links below for details).

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Contact Information

Contact Information
for Individuals and Families

Contact Information for Programs administered by
Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA)

Questions about Personal Income Tax and Tax Credits,
and Health Care Contribution Levy:

Questions about your current personal income taxes:

  • Please note: questions related to your current personal income taxes should be directed to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), or visit CRA’s “Get Ready” site.
  • Please do not contact CRA about Alberta Budget 2015 changes, as these changes are not in effect yet, and CRA will not be able to answer your questions.

Questions about Education Property Tax:

Questions about Alberta corporate tax, insurance premiums tax, fuel tax, tobacco tax, tourism levy, Emergency 911 Levy, International Fuel Tax Agreement, Alberta Indian Tax Exemption program and Health Cost Recovery program:

Questions about the GST-free Entities List:

Questions about the Unclaimed Property program:

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Page last updated:  April 8, 2015