Annual Reports, Consolidated Financial Statements, Measuring Up

In June, the government publishes its financial results, and reports on the general well-being and quality of life of Albertans in the Government and Ministry Annual Reports.

Most recent Annual Reports

2013-14 Government of Alberta Annual Report:
Report to Albertans on Budget 2013
Released June 30, 2014

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Other Reports and Disclosure Information


Budget Planning

Every year, usually in February or March, the Alberta government releases the provincial budget. See below for Budget 2015 links, including the 10 Year Strategic Plan and business and fiscal plans for the next five years. Fiscal updates will be added when they are released.

Current Budget (Budget 2015)

Budget 2015 - Released March 26, 2015

Previous Budget (Budget 2014)

2014-15 Third Quarter - Released February 24, 2015

2014-15 Second Quarter - Released November 26, 2014

2014-15 First Quarter - Released August 27, 2014

Budget 2014 - Released March 6, 2014

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