Financial Legislation

Fiscal Planning and Transparency Act

The Fiscal Planning and Transparency Act reflects the government’s desire to present Alberta’s finances in a clear format that follows public sector accounting standards and is supported by the Auditor General.

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Financial Administration Act

The Financial Administration Act has three related purposes. It defines the process of appropriation of public money and the manner by which government must account to the Legislature and the public for spending. As well, it establishes the Treasury Board as the province’s ultimate financial management committee and its authority over financial information and activity in the province. And, it determines standing financial management policies and delegations of Treasury Board authority. In concert with the Fiscal Planning and Transparency Act and the Government Organization Act, it maintains the financial management framework of the province.

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Results-based Budgeting Act

The Results-based Budgeting Act was proclaimed in Alberta in February 2012. The Act establishes a new approach to government budgeting that emphasizes successful service delivery outcomes. It includes a comprehensive review of all programs and services to ensure they address Albertans’ priorities as effectively as possible.

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Page last updated:  October 18, 2017