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The Alberta Budget

Budget Documents and Quarterlies

August 23, 2017 ... Click here for the news release and 2017-18 First Quarter Fiscal Update and Economic Statement. For previous documents, see Budget documents and quarterly updates by fiscal year.

Budget 2017 – Working to make life better

March 16, 2017 ... Budget 2017 is focused on creating good jobs, making life more affordable for Albertans and protecting the programs and services families count on. Visit budget.alberta.ca for more information, or view detailed budget documents.

Economic Forecast Consultations

December 7, 2016 ... Click here for the Economic Forecast Consultations page.

Financial Legislation

Learn more about Alberta's financial legislation.

Results-based Budgeting

The third and final cycle of Results-based Budgeting reviews ended in January 2015. Well over 500 government programs and services were reviewed since 2012. Learn more about Results-based Budgeting.

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Page last updated: October 18, 2017