Cheques issued by the Government of Alberta - Cheque Verification

Refer to Cheque Security Features first

When cheques from the Government of Alberta are presented for negotiation at a Financial Institution, the staff at the Financial Institution receiving these cheques should examine them prior to processing. If you have any concerns that the item might be fraudulent, please refer to Cheque Security Features.

Verification Service for Financial Institutions and Cheque Cashing Organizations

If, after checking for the security features,  you are still uncertain, you can verify the cheque by contacting our Payments Help Desk . This service is available to Financial Institutions and cheque cashing organizations.

For payments issued on CIBC bank account number 75-00610 (Transit # 30179 and Bank # 010), located at 10102 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, financial institutions can call the Payments Help Desk:

Phone Number: 780-427-7481 (in Edmonton) or
310-0000 followed by 780-427-7481 (toll free within Alberta)

When you call this number, be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • The Financial Institution and branch you are calling from
  • The cheque number
  • The amount
  • The date of the cheque
  • The account number the cheque is drawn on and
  • The name of the Payee

Once we have located the related cheque file, we can confirm:

  • If the cheque has been legitimately produced according to the information provided; and
  • If there is a stop payment in place on the cheque.

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Automated Cheque Verification System for Community and Social Services Bank Accounts

For payments issued on the following bank accounts, financial Institutions and cheque cashing organizations can call the number below to access an automated cheque verification system.

  • CIBC bank account number 00-19305 (Transit # 30149 and Bank # 010), located at 10102 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton
  • CIBC bank account number 00-14907 (Transit # 30019 and Bank # 010), located at 10102 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton

Phone Number:  780-427-6942 - Please see the following link for detailed instructions on entering the serial number:
Verifying Alberta Community and Social Services Payments through the Cheque Information Line (pdf).

  • Please note that the status of cheques issued is updated the next business day after being issued. (e.g. the status of cheque dated July 27th will not be available until July 28th if that is the next business day).
  • If a cheque has already been deposited and has cleared the bank account or has been stopped the recorded message will be that the cheque is “Not Negotiable”.
  • If a financial institution or a cheque cashing organization is unable to verify the status of the cheque through the automated cheque verification system, they should notify the Community and Social Services client who can then in turn speak with their case worker, who can check to confirm if there are any issues with the automated cheque verification system or to confirm whether the client’s cheque is negotiable or not. The case worker might contact the Community and Social Services Corporate Finance office for any unusual issue with the verification.
  • Community and Social Services clients should not deposit or try to negotiate third party or unendorsed cheques with the financial institutions or the cheque cashing organizations as these may be not be accepted for deposit or could be dishonored if deposited through an ATM or through mobile banking applications.

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Appropriate Identification Required

It is the responsibility of the financial institution that is cashing a cheque to ensure the individual cashing it has provided appropriate identification according to the policies in place to cash cheques at that Financial Institution..

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Stale-dated Cheques should not be Processed

Please note that stale-dated cheques (six months after issue date) should not be processed, as such cheques may be subject to return as a charge back by the Government of Alberta. People who present a stale-dated cheque for processing should be advised to contact the issuing department for a replacement cheque.

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Financial Institutions Indemnity

For certain Government of Alberta benefits cheques, the cashing financial institution is indemnified against loss if the item turns out to be fraudulently negotiated. So, with proper ID and proper scrutiny including a call to our cheque verification line, most benefit cheques can be cashed risk-free.  For more information, see Financial Institution Indemnity Agreement.

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Page last updated:  March 22, 2017