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Heritage Fund has a strong second quarter
November 28, 2016

For the first six months of the fiscal year 2016-17, the Heritage Fund earned a 4.7% return and $1.1 billion in net income. At September 30, 2016, the fund’s assets were worth $18.6 billion on a fair value basis. Over the past five years, the Heritage fund earned a 12.2 per cent average annual rate of return. View the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund 2016-17 Second Quarter Update.

Alberta investment creates jobs, diversification and grows Heritage Fund
September 26, 2016

Alberta’s Heritage Fund investments are supporting job creation and innovation in the renewable energy and natural gas sectors as well as demonstrating Alberta is Canada’s best place to do business and to invest in business growth. Read the news release.

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November 28, 2016:  2016-17 Second Quarter Update

September 26, 2016: News release

August 23, 2016:  2016-17 First Quarter Update

June 29, 2016:  2015-16 Heritage Fund Annual Report

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