Economic Trends (Monthly)

These documents contain timely analysis of current trends in Alberta’s economy, released each month. The “InFocus” section of each issue covers a relevant economic topic in more depth. The Economic Trends is published monthly.

Latest Economic Trends (October 2017)

Posted November 1, 2017

PDF format  October 2017 Economic Trends (complete report)


  • The recovery in Alberta’s economy is firmly underway, although momentum is slowing. Strong growth in oil production following the spring outages is boosting the volume of Alberta’s energy exports, while the manufacturing sector is getting a lift from the recovery in durable goods. Although the jobs recovery paused in the third quarter, gains in goods sector and full‑time employment have bolstered wages in recent months. Momentum in residential construction has also picked up.

Key Indicators - seasonally adjusted unless otherwise indicated. Sources: Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, Statistics Canada, CAODC, CMHC. p.p = percentage points.


PDF format  October 2017 InFocus: Home prices stable (complete report)

InFocus Highlights:

  • This inFocus looks at how the economic downturn has affected various segments of the Alberta housing market. After an initial reaction to lower oil prices in 2015, home prices in Alberta have stabilized. However, some segments of the Alberta housing market have been impacted more than others. The price of multi‑unit dwellings has fallen more than the price of single unit dwellings, and there has been a bigger impact on housing markets outside of Edmonton and Calgary. Refer to Charts 3 and 4 below and see the complete report for more information.

Chart: Singles a source of stability - Calgary MLS composite home price, by type (Nov 2014 indexed to 100). Source: CREA.

Chart: Average resale prices steady in major markets - Average resale prices, by region (Nov 2014 indexed to 100). Source: CREA.

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